Saturday, October 29, 2011

Teriffic but Tiny Textured Tam

Textured Tam
Are you getting tired of me posting about hats?  Here's another. 

This is from the book "60 Quick Knits": a collection of patterns for Cascade 220 Wool or Superwash Wool.  I used Berroco Comfort in worsted weight in this pretty cranberry color and made pattern #35 called "Textured Tam". 

Some folks commented on Ravelry that this cap came out small, so some recommended going up in needle size for the top portion. I used size US 7 needles for the brim (as recommended) and went up to size US 9 for the remainder of the cap.  I also tried out a twisted rib for the ribbing and really like the look (p1,k1tbl instead of just p1,k1).  Despite the change in needle size, the cap is still tiny.  I am sure it will find a good home... so no worries.   A wise knitter pointed out to me that this pattern is designed for wool yarn; had I used wool or some other fiber that blocked better, I could have resized this hat to the size I desired. That makes sense.  Always learning new things... I love that about knitting.

These pictures don't really do the cap justice. It's even prettier in person.

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