Saturday, February 8, 2014

Labradoodle Love

I treated myself to a little print from a seller on Etsy. This is a 12" x 16" canvas wrap. The shop is called Gemini Studio. I love it. The quality is quite nice. I was able to select the color and breed, as well as the "established" year. I picked 2013 since Sandy and Brutus were both born in 2013. 

These dogs sure love another. They are never far apart. 

Loving these dogs. 

Sunday, February 2, 2014

January... busy, busy!

My, OH MY!

January was a REALLY busy month!

This was Brutus' safe spot for a few weeks. Bar stool legs. 

We got another puppy on January 2nd, which I shared in the prior post. We decided to change the puppy's name from Buster to Brutus. It fits. He's a brute. We marvel every day how entirely different he is from Sandy, who is just six months older. Brutus' legs are like tree trunks and he's stout, where Sandy's legs are long and graceful and she's rather birdlike in general.  Brutus is daring and adventurous, where Sandy was timid and shy at that age.  Lots of folks have asked if Sandy and Brutus are sister and brother; I think they are probably best described as cousins. They came from the same breeder but they don't share any of the same parents. But I think there may be some relation between the sets of parents.  

Brutus posing for me!

Best buddies!
Before hair cuts!

Puppies cuddling together on the recliner. 
After hair cuts... Seeing Brutus' eyes for the first time. 

Etsy was busy in January. Who knew!  I was kind of looking forward to some time to knit after Etsy had me fairly busy in December for Christmas.  I was contacted by a Chiropractor in Texas. He had seen my pillows on a Google search and contacted me to order 22 pillows.  For the ladies, he wanted fabric such as animal prints... pink and black zebra, cheetah, leopard... and for the men, he wanted sports teams... Dallas Cowboys, Texas Rangers, University of Texas (Go Longhorns!), Texas Tech... fun!  Some of the pillows he purchased were already made, some were already cut out, and for others, I had to find fabric on line and at local stores.  I am thankful for business on Etsy.  I have sold a few items on Etsy that were not dog bone shaped neck pillows and I would really like to branch out to other items.   

Today is the Super Bowl.  We'll be watching the game. I made some pumpkin pies since Zach's birthday is always right around the Super Bowl.  We'll have nachos and other junky food.  You would NOT believe how crowded the grocery store was on Friday and Saturday this week. It was snowy, mucky, and cold out, and I figured the store would be empty since the weather and roads were a mess. Store clerks said it was busy just like New Year's Eve.  The grocery store workers and also the U.S. Postal workers at the Post Office were all wearing Denver Broncos jerseys instead of their typical uniforms.  Bronco-mania is in full swing here in Colorado!

Snowy weekend. Snowy paws are a breeze. Muddy paws are another story. Ugh!

Not a lot of knitting going on for me. I am slowly working on a pair of socks but actually have several pairs of socks on the needles right now.  I have bought some new fabric recently and my mom also gave me a lot of nice fabric when I visited my folks at Christmastime... so many projects, too little time!