Friday, January 3, 2014

January 2nd

I already shared photos of our new puppy, Buster, but I took some nice photos of the day we went to pick him up. 

Sandy and I went for a long, but very cold walk first thing I the morning.  My friend could not join us for a walk so I sent her this photo to show her how cold it was and to tell her she wasn't missing anything. Brrrrr!  It was about 21 degrees Fahrenheit and ridiculously windy. 

Sandy went 4 x 4 ing. Scampered up this rocky slope. No. I did not follow her up there.  Do you see her way up there?

Me thinks this is a fossil. I live in a geologically amazing area.  Our area used to be covered by an inland sea. I think this looks like a sea creature with a spiral sort of shape. 

Walking out of the arroyos and in the dry creek bed toward Gap Trail and Grape Creek. 

Gosh, I love Colorado!

After our walk, we headed to Breckenridge. The dog breeder's son and his girlfriend met us there with Buster. Breckenridge is about a 2 1/2 hours driving time (one way) from our home. 

Horse drawn carriage. This would be a nice way to see the sites in Breckenridge. It's a very pretty town all year long. 

Looking toward the slopes. 

An Ice Castle. Looked to be a man made tourist attraction. We did not venture inside; there was a long line. 

Looking south in the direction of Hoosier Pass. 

Looking north.

In the car, riding home with Sandy and her new buddy, Buster!

What a great day we had!

Meet Buster!

Meet Buster! We got a second Labradoodle. Sandy is so great, so we were thinking, "the more the merrier!"  Buster is six months younger than Sandy.  Sandy wax born in April 2013 and Buster was born in October.   

Hard to get a good photo of a puppy on the move.  Lots of blurry pictures.

I am calling the photo above "sychronized bone chewing."

Buster is a chunky little dude. He wasn't shy about helping himself to some puppy chow. We had little dishes set out next to Sandy's elevated dishes. We won't be needing those silly little dishes. Sharing is NOT a problem. 

Sandy and Buster attacking Zach's legs!

See. Blurry pictures. Busy puppy. 

What a face!

Long day. I am pooped!