Friday, June 27, 2014

Pathfinder Park... sunrise walk.

Good morning!

Photos from a gorgeous sunrise walk with the doggies this morning. 

Pathfinder Park. Florence, Colorado. 

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Black Satin Pillow

A lady named Joannie from Chattanooga, Tennessee, contacted me through Etsy on Friday.  She's bought a few pillows from me in the past... one for her and one for her friend. She asked me if I could make a pillow out of a dark satin fabric.  I said, "Sure!" (as long as I could find the fabric). 

I did find some black satin fabric at the store and quickly made up a pillow for her.  I was trying to snap a photo of the pillow to show Joannie and it seemed as if the pillow had horrible "static cling". I kept trying to brush off little bits of the poly fiber fill stuffing and realized the stuffing fibers were actually coming THROUGH the satin fabric.  I told my husband about it and he said something about stuffing the pillow inside another pillow. Brilliant!  Actually, I had done this once before but I was glad he reminded me!

The satin was not too expensive so I just made another black satin fabric pillow and stuffed pillow #1 inside pillow #2.  This was easier said than done. I did not leave a big enough opening so I had to rip the seam open wider to stuff cram the stuffed pillow in there.  I was not completely happy with the pillow.  Joannie said she was surprised I got it done so quickly and mentioned she was going out of town.  She asked me to mail it to her church since she'd be out of town.  As a result, I felt no rush to get this in the mail today.

I kept thinking about the pillow.  A satin pillow is a really terrific idea!  I can see this as sort of a luxurious sleeping pillow, don't you think?

I made another black satin pillow today and it turned out much better. This time, I took some plain cotton fabric and cut out three pillow panels.  I put the cotton fabric panels up against the wrong sides of the three black satin fabric panels and  stitched the pillow together. This way, there would be an extra barrier so the fiber filling could not work it's way through the satin. The pillow, as a result, has a rich, supple feel to it. I could also fill this pillow rather firmly since the pillow is double thickness and it has a great shape.  I think Joannie will be really pleased when she receives this. 

I think I will try to add satin pillows to my shop. I loved the challenge of being faced with a problem with this pillow and figuring out a solution. I kind of want a satin pillow for me. 

Before I sign off, I want to share a photo of a big order. These pillows went to a lady in Beverly Hills, California. Nine pillows was a BIG order for me!