Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Happy New Year

Happy New Years Eve!  We woke up to bitter cold temperatures today. No worries. I had my Labradoodle blanket. This is the view of my lap. 

We (Zach and I) took the doggies for a walk at the river. It was a gorgeous bright and sunny cold morning walk. On the ground, there was super dry, light snow that looked like a blend of sugar and diamond glitter. It felt more like walking in sand on the beach than walking in snow.  The water in the river was slushy and frozen in some places and there was a beautiful mist hovering over the river and river banks in some places. Sandy was not too keen on the cold weather. She started to shake so I wrapped her in my fleece jacket and we took turns carrying her for awhile. 
When we got home. Brutus still had some spunk left in him. He played in the cul de sac with Zach. It was hilarious to watch Brutus chasing and pouncing on a slippery football in the ice and snow. 

It's nice to be toasty and warm in the house now. I am looking forward to a quiet New Years Eve with a little sock knitting. I doubt I'll stay up until midnight. 

Wishing you and yours a safe and happy new year. 

Saturday, December 27, 2014

An Afternoon of Sewing

Wine Bottle Bags 

Today I got to do a little sewing ... just because I wanted to. It was nice to not HAVE to sew pillows today. ETSY orders have slowed a bit which is a welcome break.  I looked through my book to find a project I'd like to try and I made the "Wine Lovers' Special".  There are lots of other projects in this book I'd like to make. 

It was fun pairing coordinating fabrics for the outside and the lining. I have lots of black ribbon and black fabric with white polka dots and it goes with lots of other fabrics so I used the black fabric to line both bags. 

On the knitting front... I am working on some mittens out of great self-striping sock yarn. Here's a sneak peek!

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Gift Exchange Socks

Patons Kroy Socks FX

I made these socks in record time. For the past several years, my co-worker, Mrs. W and I have had a gift exchange. She paints ceramics for me and I knit for her.  She loves purple.

I've been rather busy filling pillow orders the past several weeks so I was scrambling Christmas Eve to finish these socks.  I really like how they turned out. I made them mismatched on purpose. I used new needles for these socks. They are made of carbon fiber. I'll have to share more about them another time.

I made the socks on 2.75 mm needles and I started the socks by casting in 52 stitches. They are cozy and thick. 

Friday, December 5, 2014

Christmas Rush

Etsy Madness!

November and the first part of December have kept me BUSY!  This was the haul I took to the post office today.  Texas, New York, Oregon, California, Arizona, and even the United Kingdom. These boxes are filled with dog bone shaped neck pillows, but I was ticked to also sell two knitted hats and two Christmas stockings recently. 

The down side of selling handmade goods on Etsy is that the stream of orders keep from other crafty pursuits. I did make another Christmas tree skirt the other day (Christmas tree skirt #3), but I need to press and steam it a bit more before I can take some photos. 

Tomorrow I am teaching a class at my local knit shop, the Yarn Shop at Words of Life. We are making miniature sweater ornaments and hangers.  I think I have three ladies signed up for the class. I am bringing Carrot Ginger Spice cookies (the vegan version) and orange juice for refreshments. I hope it's a fun class for everyone!  Oh! The photo reminds me... I also made up a little pattern for a little hat. 

Here is the pattern link for the Tee-Tiny Raglan Sweater we are making (Click HERE).
Would you like to make a little rolled brim hat to match, also?  Here's the pattern:
Rolled Brim Hat to
Match your Mini-Sweater Ornament
US Size 2 (2.75 mm needles)
Fingering or Sock weight yarn
Cast on 20 stitches and join to knit in the round, being careful to not to twist the stitches.
For the brim and body of the hat:
Knit 10 rounds
Decrease rounds:
(K3, k2tog) 4 times [16 stitches remain].
Knit 1 round even.
(K2, k2tog) 4 times [12 stiches remain].
Knit 1 round even.
(K1, k2tog) 4 times [8 stitches remain].
(K2tog) 4 times [4 stitches remain].
Cut yarn, leaving a tail about 6 inches long.  Thread yarn on a needle and bring needle and yarn through the 4 remaining stitches.  Pull snuggly, weave in loose ends.  The brim of the hat should roll up slightly.