Thursday, September 1, 2016

Smooth Operator Socks Done

Smooth Operator Socks 

Here are some photos of these socks in progress.  

Below:  See the green yarn stitched in the red area?  That's three rows of waste yarn knit across half of the stitches in the sock. My sock has 48 stitches per round so I just knit the waste yarn across 24 stitches. Wicked awesome math skills!

When you are ready to work the heel, you pick up stitches above and below the waste yarn. You end up picking up 24 stitches below the waste yarn and 24 more stitches above the waste yarn. 

Then you unzip the waste yarn to remove it.  With these active stitches, you knit around and complete decreases at the sides. Essentially you are doing the same decreases you do in the toe portion of a sock. Hence, a "two toed sock"!

You could complete the toe of the sock BEFORE you complete the heel. But if you complete the heel BEFORE the toe, then you can try the sock on to make sure you start the toe in the correct spot for a great fitting sock. 

I am offering a class on "afterthought" heels on September 17th at my local yarn shop: The Yarn Shop at Words of in Canon City. 

Pattern:  "Smooth Operator Socks" by Susan B. Anderson. The pattern is available on Ravelry. Cost: $5.00