Sunday, February 18, 2018

Vanilla is the New Black

Vanilla is the New Black - DK/Sport Version

Sorry the photo above is a little blurry! I had to assume a pretty awkward position to snap that photo. Ha, ha!

"Vanilla is the New Black" is the name of this sock pattern and the designer was definitely thinking outside the box when she designed this pattern. The heel is basically a Strong Heel.  When you knit a Strong Heel, you work the heel over half of the sock's stitches and the increases occur on the far right and the far left of those stitches.  But in this pattern, the increases happen in the middle of the heel stitches and, as the number of stitches increases, you incorporate the new stitches into a ribbed design.  Pretty cool, huh?

This pattern comes in a fingering/sock weight version and a DK/sport weight version.  These socks were knit in Knitting Fever Indulgence 6 ply yarn (DK weight) is a merino wool, silk, and nylon blend. I scored this ball of yarn for $5.00!  The photo above and below show one sock right side out and one sock inside out.  I noticed photos in the pattern showed some socks inside out.  The heel actually looks fantastic right side or wrong side out which is unusual.

Here is the link to the pattern (click HERE). This is the DK/Sport weight version but, like I said, the pattern is also available in a sock/fingering weight version.  If you purchase both patterns at the same time on Ravelry, think you get a little discount.

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Hitchhiker No. 3

Hitchhiker No. 3

This is the third Hitchhiker scarf I've made and I am sure I'll make more. It's a fun knit and I can memorize the pattern once I get going.  The Hitchhiker pattern can be found HERE.

Hitchhiker is not a free pattern on Ravelry but it is ridiculously popular. There are 28,954 Hitchhiker scarves on Ravelry. Just think of all the Hitchhikers that have been made that are not listed on Ravelry.

This yarn was a gift from my friend, Belinda. She got it for me when she went to Hawaii.  The yarn is from Aloha Yarn Dyeworks and the colorway is "Like Ole".  Here is a link for more information about the yarn (click HERE).  I used 2.25 mm needles (40 inch fixed circular) which are a little smaller than what the pattern calls for.  I am thrilled that this turned out like it did. It's one of those times where I picked just the right pattern for the yarn.

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Road to Success Chic Hat

Road to Success Chic Hat 

I saw this pattern on Facebook back in December and I had the perfect yarn in my stash. The hat is called "Road to Success Chic Hat" and it's by designer Marly Bird.  The pattern calls for Red Heart yarn but the yarn I had was Berroco Comfort (Worsted Weight).  It worked out perfectly and I love my super slouchy hat.  It's been coming in handy ever since I finished it.  It's been cold here in Southern Colorado!'' Here is the FREE pattern link:  Click HERE.

Friday, January 19, 2018

Fabric Ornaments

Fun Christmas Ornaments: No Sew

I had busy, busy time making pillows for my Etsy Shop between Halloween and mid-December.  I had one weekend where I made 25 pillows.  When I got a few more orders after that weekend, I decided to close up my Etsy Shop and take a well needed break.  I was in full "Pillow Burnout!'

Over the next few weeks before Christmas, I had a blast making ornaments for holiday decorations.   I still need to add some ribbon so that these ornaments can be hung up on my Christmas tree, but I kind of like the look of the ornaments in a pretty crystal dish.

These ornaments are fun to make.
Video Tutorial for ornaments above: Click on link HERE.


I also was wanting to try to make this Fabric Star Ornament.  I made just one.  I found it to be a little tricky and I needed a video tutorial for a little more instruction.

Here is a blog post with instructions for making the Fabric Star. Click HERE.

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Shorty Short Socks: #4 Done in 2018

Shorty Short Socks

Woo Hoo!  This is the 4th pair of socks I've finished in 2018.  Nope, I did not knit all four pairs in 2018, but I FINISHED them in 2018.  I have way too many lingering projects.

Just a little information on these socks and I am off to work on another pair of socks that I started way, WAY, WAY back in 2012!  How shameful is that?!?  For my Shorty Short Socks, I had only one ball (50 grams) of Patons Kroy Socks Jacquards so I used a bit of contrasting yarn for the toes. The solid purple yarn matches pretty well and is Knit Picks Stroll.  For my Shorty Short Socks, I used size 2.75 mm needles and cast on 52 stitches. This Patons Kroy sock yarn is a little thicker than other sock or fingering weight yarn.

That's all I have to say about these socks. They are D. O. N. E.


Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Entrelac Socks: #3 Done in 2018

Entrelac Socks

I am on a roll... finishing up lingering projects this month. This is the 3rd pair of socks I've finished this month.  Entrelac sock #1 was finished way back in April 2017, but.... believe it or not... I actually started these socks way back in February 2015, when I took a class at my local yarn shop.

Long story short... they are done!  This is a pattern by Vicki England.  I can't seem to find the pattern on Ravelry.  I did modify the pattern a lot.  The original pattern called for using both the main and contrasting yarn throughout out the entire sock (cuff, heel, foot), but I just used the contrasting yarn for the entrelac portion of the cuff.  I just don't like changing yarn over and over and weaving in all those loose ends.

The yarns used in these socks are Knit Picks stroll (green) and the contrasting yarn is from Western Sky Knits (leftover from another pair of socks).  I told myself I would NEVER, EVER knit a pair of entrelac socks.  Entrelac is such a cool effect but it seems wildly labor intensive.  As it turns out, I think I might actually knit another pair of socks with entrelac cuffs.

Okay, tomorrow I'll show you the 4th pair of socks I've finished this month.  I think I have one more pair to work on after #4.  It's pretty crazy that I have so many unfinished socks laying around.  It feels very good to finish things up!

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Striped Socks: #2 Done in 2018

Striped Socks

I am on a roll finishing up lingering projects this month... specifically socks!  This pair #2.  The yarn is Patons Kroy Socks Stripes and the colorway is called "Blue Striped Ragg".  The socks are ribbed (knit 3, purl 1) and I inserted an afterthought heel in navy blue. The navy blue yarn is Knit Picks Stroll.  One thing bad about letting projects linger is that it is difficult to duplicate the second sock if you don't make some notes while making the first sock. That was the case with these socks.  Usually I take some notes!  Oh well.  They are done and I am happy with that!