Saturday, October 15, 2011

One-Skein Wonder Project #5: Calabaza Calypso in Progress

Today... I had to take a break from making this...

... to make this...

The colors in this yarn are the colors of a pumpkin patch.  Orange pumpkins, green vines, shade of brown soil. The entire time I've been working on this scarf, I have been thinking of Autumn, corn mazes, pumpkins in pumpkin patches, hot apple cider, hay bales, pumpkins and yummy things one can make with pumpkin.  So I made a pie and two loaves of pumpkin bread today.  

Do you like my stash of pumpkin? I heard through the grape vine that there MAY be a pumpkin shortage again this year due to crop damage resulting from Hurricane Irene.  I am not going to have a repeat of the Pumpkin Fiasco of February 2011 (I had to go to five stores to find canned pumpkin to make my son's birthday pumpkin pies!!!)  This year I am prepared.

I am learning a lot of Spanish words since more and more food labels are in both Spanish and English.  I've learned "calabaza" is the word for pumpkin.  This scarf pattern is called "Calypso" and is yet another project from my "Sock Yarn One Skein Wonder" book.  I am calling this scarf "Calabaza Calypso".  The pattern calls for casting on 76 stitches, but I cast on only 36 stitches for a scarf (instead of a stoll or shrug). The yarn is Berroco Sox Metallic (it has flecks of silver metallic thread) in a color way called "Tangelo".  I guess "Tangelo" is also a pretty good name for this yarn, but I think "Pumpkin Patch" would have been better!

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affectioknit said...

Very pretty! I love those warm fall colours!

Have a lovely weekend!