Sunday, October 16, 2011

Gilda's Club Chemo Cap

 I was not sure if I was happy with this cap until I saw it modeled on Miss Wiggy.  She looks lovely in Robin's Egg Blue (Berroco Comfort Worsted Weight yarn).  This pattern is called Gilda's Club Chemo Cap (Gilda... as in Gilda Radner, the comedian.  Sadly she died of Ovarian Cancer in 1989).    The PDF pattern link is HERE.

I really struggled to complete this cap.  I started this pattern in early July and lost my interest in the pattern. There is nothing difficult about the cap.  The textured nature of the cap just calls for paying attention (each row in the pattern repeat is different) and the stitches are not "intuitive."  That is, you can't just look at the previous row to know if your stitches are correct or not.  If I were smarter, I would have used 11 stitch markers (as the pattern recommends... Doh!), so each time a 10 stitch pattern repeat started and ended, the markers would have let me known I was on the right track.  The bow on the brim was a bit fiddly to make it look just right.  The bow stitches start on the brim of the cap when the rest of the cap has been completed. You pick up and knit 10 stitches and then knit the bow back and forth (in the same textured pattern) until it is long enough and then tack the bow down where the ribbing portion of the cap meets the textured portion of the cap.  You then knit a little "bow sash" in garter to pull the bow together in the center.   A roomy, slouchy, stylish cap.  This cap reminds me a bit of the "Bow Tie Cloche"... which also was a lot of work.

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