Monday, October 3, 2011

Tango Hat

I am ready for Fall. I am ready for long walks on cool sunny days with crunchy golden leaves under my feet and and white puffy clouds in a bright blue sky over my head.  Oh, I love Fall in Colorado!

I'll be wearing my new cap.  It's made from Tahki Yarns "Tango" (a wool/acrylic/nylon blend).  Since the yarn is bulky weight, it knit up quickly.  I tried to make a pattern called "Heidi Hat" (it had cables in it) but ran out of yarn so I started over on size US 8 dpn needles. 

Cast on 72 stitches and completed k2,p2 rib for six rounds. Then I switched to size US 9 dpn needles and knit in stockinette until the hat was a nice height (and I was worried I would run out of yarn).  I completed the decrease rounds with no plain rows in between (k10,k2tog, followed buy k9,k2tog, and so) until I had just a few stitches left. All that remained was about 12 inches of yarn! Now that's calling it close.

Happy Fall to you!