Friday, January 1, 2010

#21 Aran Sampler is Complete!

This block was a blast! Posting two pictures so you can see all the great texture and detail. :)

I noticed today, when looking at the GAA instruction booklet, that this block is supposed to be one of the most challenging. I breezed through it following the excellent written-out instructions. I did not refer to the chart at all. Does this mean my knitting is improving if I found this to be not too challenging!??? I only had one problem on the portion on the right hand side... the cable that snakes from the bottom to the top. Maybe it was around row 26, 27 and again 55, 56... I was supposed to do some purl two togethers... but if I did, the number of stitches was wrong. I worked through it and ended up skipping the p2tog and it looks just fine.
I am calling the block the Aran Sampler because our course instructor said once we complete a block like this, we'll be able to complete any aran sweater! Almost makes me think maybe I'd like to make the Great American Aran Afghan someday??? Hmmmm.....

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