Sunday, January 24, 2010

My latest block...

I have been struggling quite a bit with my latest block. This is a pattern from The Great North American Afghan. My Great American Afghan (GAA) course instructor suggested this particular block as an alternate block in the event there were some patterns in the GAA we did not want to complete. This block, as you can see, has an interesting construction. The center green portion is knit from bottom to top. Then you pick up and knit stitches around the perimeter to make the garter stitch border. For some reason, I really struggled with the simple border. The Great North American Afghan instructions are very slight in comparison to the detailed instructions in the GAA booklet. When you begin the border you stay with the main color and you place several stitches on hold (that's where the little safety pins come in). After the border is complete, you pick up your live stitches and complete I-cords of varying lengths. The I-cords are then stitched down to continue the cables and add more design to the block. I get frustrated with my knitting because I feel like I do a pretty darn good job with the knitting portion, only to screw up my project with poor sewing skills! Hence the reason the Under the Sea block is still not complete and the reason my three trees on the Three Trees block are still not stitched down! Ugh! I am starting to make a deal with myself... I need to not start any new blocks until I tie up all these loose ends... literally! And this is when working on my project feels more like work than enjoyment. Hmmmm.... I think I'll write another post right now to take a needed break from my block!

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