Saturday, January 30, 2010

What's keeping me busy

I've been distracted from knitting lately. I am not frustrated by my projects per se... but I am distracted by other things which I need to get done or I want to get done. I had two days where my husband was at training and my son was in school, so I found myself relishing the opportunity to do what ever my little heart desired. The first project I tackled was cleaning and organizing our master bedroom closet. Lately I've found my knitting supplies and yarn stash spilling into other areas of the house. With a little de-cluttering and organizing, I found all things could fit in the master bedroom closet. There were some serious dust bunnies in that closet; it feels to have it done. The second project was really cleaning the laundry room. Nothing very exciting but it feels good to have it spruced up as well. Since I was home all day by myself, I felt the obligation to make great big meals for my family which I wouldn't have time for on a normal week night. Night number 1 was fajitas with all the fixin's and night number 2 was Italian calazones (with homemade crust) for the big people and a Shepherd's Pie for the little person in the house (made with hamburger, corn, and mashed taters... he likes it with lots of cracked black pepper and Ranch salad dressing... go figure!) I've made more lemon poppy seed bread and a pumpkin pie this week. Stocked the fridge with more oven roasted broccoli (with lemon zest and crushed red pepper flakes) and cauliflower ( with lemon zest, cumin and paprika). Since I had to pull out the bread machine for yesterday's pizza crust, today I am inspired to attempt to make whole wheat bread. I added some flax seed meal, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds. I hope it works out. I am working on my second blue and purple stripey sock. I need to finish what I've started instead of starting new things. Maybe after I get done with my pair of socks, then I'll get back to my GAA!

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