Friday, January 1, 2010

#5 Bows and Arrows in Progress!

Check out the unique construction on this block! This block starts with only five stitches in the center of the block and then you complete eight pesky big bobbles straight away on row five. You would think, from looking at the photo above, that this block is being knit in the round... but NO! It's knit back and forth and then at the end it will be joined together with an invisible diagonal seam (wish me luck with that part). Right now I am on row 30 which has 121 stitches. By row 49, I'll have 169 stitches. The increases are done every other row if I am not mistaken. Fun pattern, but I have to be pretty focused on the instructions when working on this design. I have not been referring to the pattern chart in the instructions. The written-out instructions are good.

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