Saturday, January 16, 2010

#24 Mirror Image is complete!

This block was enjoyable and not too difficult after I got passed Row 2 of the pattern chart. On Row 1 of the pattern chart, there are 12 instances where you do double yarn overs. On the following row, you drop one of the two wraps. I found Row 2 really confusing because it basically said to purl 15 and then a little later in the row purl 15 again. This of course is not tough in and of itself, but determining where to purl those pesky 15 stitches gave me fits. I had several false starts and finally was able to conquer that darn row with my GAA instructor sitting by my side! Once I got passed Row 2... it was a breeze! This is a block which utilizes an invisible cast on. Believe it or not, the invisible cast on is done in the center of the block horizontally. You complete half of the block and then you go back and gather up the stitches from the invisible cast on (the invisibly cast on stitches are held for safe keeping on a strand of waste yarn) and then you knit the other half of the block. Mirror images... brilliant and quite pretty I think!

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