Sunday, January 3, 2010

#5 Bows and Arrows is Complete!

With the exception of "invisible diagonal seam", I am done with block #5. I was so anxious to have show & tell with you that I snapped a photo while it was pinned down to the blocking mat! I still marvel at the creative construction of this block. The designer must be one smart cookie! Snapped a few photos of this one so you can see how this came together. Although the bobbles on this block are not super apparent in these photos, in case you were wondering... there are 80 bobbles in this block. Yep, I counted them! Eight in the very center, 40 around the outside border (that was a rough, slow row!) and the rest outline the lacy design in the center of the block. I really need to get moving on a baby boy sweater I promised to make. I had a great lavendar baby girl sweater made but then I found out... it's a boy! The baby is due in two days. No pressure!

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