Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Blocking Mats

I've been worried about the fact that the blocks for my Great American Afghan have quite a bit of variation in size. That means I had to take the plunge into blocking. I knew it was inevitable but for some reason it was a scary proposition to me. My mom showed me how to use a steam iron to block but my iron is about 19 years old and doesn't get used much. It has all sorts of dry and crusty minerals built up on the steam holes. Yes, I do need to invest in a good quality iron. But for now, I wanted to try this wet method of blocking. The blocking mats from Knit Picks are fantastic. The pale lavendar diagonal block was the smallest among all of my completed blocks, so today I blocked it along with the other block I completed today. I had no trouble at all stretching the lavendar block to match the size and shape of the larger teal block. I used a spray bottle of water to spritz the blocks. I was a bit unsure how much or how little water to use, but I am very optimistic this method will make my knitted projects look very nice! I found instuctions on http://www.knitpicks.com/ about how to block knitted projects in this manner, using these blocking mats.

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