Saturday, December 5, 2009

#4 Under the Sea... still in progress

Slowly but surely I am making progress on the Under the Sea block! It turns out the blocks with appliques are a lot of work. (I was also distracted by Square #22. I guess baking and candy making for Christmas gifts, wrapping said baked goods, packing and shipping, and Christmas cards have all had me distracted as well. Imagine that!? Phew, sure is good to have all that done!) Nothing about the Under the Sea block is particulary difficult. I found the background to be a bit boring on this block. The appliques are pretty quick and fun, but all the loose ends took a bit of labor to work into the backsides of the appliques so they look more presentable. The burgundy colored appliques are the crab... can you tell yet? I need to make more I-cord legs for Mr. Crab. I think I have the I-cords figured out. I really like the fishies and the snail on this block. I am glad I chose to make the appliques in different colors... I only hope the block will not look too busy with so many colors.

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