Thursday, December 24, 2009

#8 Cable Block still in progress

You can tell I was distracted by my cheery Christmas stocking, but now... back to the Great American Afghan! Again this photo is a bit dark, but if you "click" on the photo, the image will be enlarged for you so maybe you can see the detail a bit better. I love this block. The other day, a gal in knitting was looking at some of my completed blocks and she asked, "do you enjoy the textural knitting over colorwork?" I had never given this much thought, but I think I really do love these heavily textured blocks. I am simultaneously working on the entrelac block made with two colors and the thought of weaving in all the loose ends really is bothering me... so YES, I really do enjoy the textural knitting! I am a bit of a lazy crafter... I have known that for years... and I've accepted that about myself! (Hee, hee!)

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