Tuesday, December 15, 2009

What's keeping me busy!

The other day I was trying to figure out what to knit for my friend and coworker, Mrs. W. We are great pals and it's wonderful to have some one you enjoy so much as a coworker. It's pretty much just me and Mrs. W. in an office space for 10 hour shifts so it's a great thing we like each other so much! I decided to make sweater ornaments for her... but not just one. I wanted to make one for each of her family members. That's Mrs. W, hubby, teen daughter who turns 14 today by the way, and boy girl twins who just turned four! That's five little sweaters. After I finished the first one, I was determined knitting miniature sweater ornaments was going to be my new addiction, but after staying up late for a few nights in a row, I am ready to go back to my Great American Afghan for a little bit! Phew, I am exhausted! But this project was totally worth it because that's how much Mrs. W means to me!
I will post separate emails of each little sweater so you can see the detail but for now, I am guzzling coffee, gobbling cereal, and I am out the door to work! I have other blocks done as well and will post them soon.

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