Saturday, December 19, 2009

#19 Entrelac with a Twist in progress!

This block is vastly different than the others in the Great American Afghan. This is the entrelac square (which translates to interlace.... I think "entrelac" is a French term). I've experimented with the entrelac technique a bit in the past so I understood in advance how this square was going to come together. I call this square "Entrelac with a Twist" because the aqua blue squares also have a cable twist within the squares. I am enjoying making this square (although entrelac is very labor intensive... involves lots of picking up and knitting stiches and lots of weaving in loose ends!) I am a bit worried this square is going to be rather messy looking. An interesting thing about this square is that the garter stitch borders on the left and right sides are going to be knit at the end and then stitched to the sides of the block. Currently there are three stitches "on hold" on the right and left sides way down at the bottom or beginning of the block. The colors in the photos sure look different, don't they? The second photo (with the book in the background) depicts the colors more accurately. The flash does weird things to the colors it seems. In looking at the photo, I think I see a mistake in one of the aqua blocks???? Do you see it???? If there's a mistake in there, I don't have the heart to go back. This square is just too much work! I am going to have to settle for "good enough"...


Anonymous said...

Holy cow! This is great! I'm in Oregon as mom is in a care facility getting very slowly better. Lungs and weakness. Are you planning on coming up here anytime? I hope and it looks like you have the holidays well in hand down there! Take care and keep knitting!!!! Have you tried taking the photo near a window and using natural light instead of the flash? Just a thought. Who knows with all this technology! I'll email soon, I promise, it's just nuts around here right now.

Kim said...

Kerri: Thanks for the photography tips! I think you are correct about the flash. I have had some better luck with photos by the window with natural light. I just need to be more patient and not be in such a rush to post sub par photos! Sorry to hear about Mom; please send her my best. I hope to hear from you when you have a chance to write! Kim