Friday, August 26, 2011

Milestone: This blog is two years old!

It occurred to me that this blog celebrated it's 2nd anniversary (blog-a-versary) on August 23rd.  I started this blog when I was about to embark on my Great American Afghan Adventure and I had been knitting for about nine months.  I took a little walk down memory lane and found some interesting statistics.

  • This post #284.
  • There have been a total of 7,974 page views.
  • Visitors have come from the U.S., but also Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, Australia, Russia, France, India, Ireland, The Netherlands, Malaysia, The Philippines, Turkey, Spain, and New Zealand.
  • Most frequently viewed post: Marilyn's Mobius Wrap (129 page views).
  • Second most frequently viewed post: Foaming Waves Chemo Cap (105 page views).
  • Since I started my blog, I've made one dozen pairs of socks, one adult-sized sweater, one baby-sized sweater, 17 dish cloths, and a dozen shawls/wraps/scarves, and I've also made about 60 hats (that includes a lot of chemo caps and also 18 caps for newborns).  I also finished my Great American Afghan.
  • And I've made one mitten... not a pair of mittens... one solitary mitten.
  • And NO, I am not yet growing tired of knitting... if anything, my obsession grows.
I have a few works in progress right now (who am I kidding... I have a ton of works in progress right now, but I am actively working on a few).  My goal is to finish two projects (or more this weekend) so I'll have SOMETHING to share soon.  I finally broke down and purchased a pattern on Ravelry. It's a wrap/scawl/scarf called Hitchhiker and I am using some of the yarn from the Sock Summit in Portland, Oregon, in July. Here's a little peek. I am in love with both yarn and pattern:

Coffee in hand, it's still dark outside (not quite 6:00 am yet), the house is quiet... time to knit! 

Thanks for sharing in my knitting adventures over the past two years! I appreciate your comments when you stop by.


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Anonymous said...

Great Accomplishment. Your blog is so inspirational. Thank you for sharing. Harriet

Maryellen said...

Wow! Two years of loving your gift -- and gifting to others.

The woman I stayed with in MN is also a knitter and I'll send her your site.