Thursday, August 11, 2011

Sock Summit 2011 in Portland, Oregon

I have been so busy for the past few weeks, that I can hardly catch my breath.  I went to visit my parents, who live near Portland, Oregon, the last week of July.  It was great to see them.  We visited some of my favorite places:

Had to take a photo of my Dad and Mom posing under the sign at Bob's Red Mill in Milwaukee, Oregon.  My Dad enjoys the fact that he looks like Bob!  The store is a beautiful red barn looking building with a water mill, gardens, fountains and ponds.  You can buy lots of wonderful whole grain food goods in the store, but we enjoyed lunch at the restaurant.

I put the finishing touches on one of my caps and donated 23 caps to a chemo treatment center near
St. Vincent's Hospital in Southwest Portland near Beaverton, Oregon.  My Mom retired from St. Vincent's Hospital a number of years ago and I worked there as a Junior Volunteer for many summers while in school.

On another day, my Mom and I rode the Max light rail train to Portland's Oregon Convention Center...

FOR THE SOCK SUMMIT!!!!!  The Market Place was our destination, although several classes were offered.  It was great to take in all the sights. I enjoyed watching the people too.  Of course, lots of folks were wearing hand knit items... socks and shawls.

In the center of the Market Place, there was a Sock Museum.  There were itty bitty socks...

There were really BIG socks...

There all kinds of socks...

And of course, in the Market Place... there was lots of gorgeous yarn. 
Not just sock yarn.... all kinds of yarn. 
You could also buy the un-spun fiber for those who want to spin their own yarn.

After spending hours browsing and shopping in the Market Place, we rested our feet and knit for a spell on the World's Largest Sock. Apparently, the sock was cast on in England and then shipped to American. It's been travelling around the United States for various fiber events and at each stop, more rows are added.  If I recall, there are 20 pairs of circular needles around the perimeter of the sock. We were told the sock is so heavy now, it can't be shipped back to England.

Ladies working on the sock...

More socks from the Sock Museum
Snap shots of the Market Place just so you can get an idea of how BIG this event was...

I really liked the hand-dyed yarns at Hazel Knits.  The vendors gave away these kits with yarn and pattern to make a Tiny Leaves Sock.  I intended to make the sock as directed but when I attempted the knit3together on size 0 needles (eeeekkk!), I opted for a plain sock.  The yarn is gorgeous!
At a booth, I won this kit to make Sophie's Toes Sock Yarn Mini-Cardigan.  Too cute!  The kit included the yarn, a tiny hanger, the pattern, and some contrasting pale pink yarn to make French Knot buttons on the sweater front. I think I may add some beads for buttons.

With the leftover yarn from the kit and with the what I learned from making the cardigan, I set out to make a pullover (using some scraps of yarn I had at home). 
The sweater is knit from the top-down (no sewing!)... my favorite!

After spending time with my folks, I spent a day and a half with an old friend, Kerri
(I am on the left and Kerri is on the right).    
We've known each other since 4th grade and
had not seen one another in probably 20 years. 
It was great to see her and it was great to knit with her! 
Yep, she's a knitter, too!  How about that!

Some funky socks in the Sock Museum..


Patti said...

Thank you for posting such wonderful pictures of your sock summit experience. You really captured the fun of the event.

Wool Free and Lovin' Knit said...

What a wonderfully delightful day you had -- thanks for sharing!