Thursday, August 11, 2011

Two-Toed Socks with Cascade Fixation Yarn

I am making some super funky Two-Toed Socks with Cascade Fixation.  The yarn contains some elastic so I went to Cascade's website to find patterns to make sure I was knitting the yarn in the correct fashion. The gals at my knit shop had me a bit boggled about using this yarn... "you have to be relaxed," they said... or else you mess up the yarn's elastic quality. Something like that. 

The sock incorporates an "afterthought" heel. You knit the cuff from the top down. Then you stitch in a scrap of yarn over half of the stitches (the pink stripe is the scrap of yarn).  You resume knitting "the tube" and then knit the toe.  After grafting the toe, you go back to the scrap of yarn, remove it, and catch the live stitches.  Then you knit another toe to create the heel.  Pretty clever, huh? 

I really like this method although I had a hard time figuring out how long I wanted to make both the cuff and the foot with no heel in place for reference.  I have some pretty big feet (size 8 1/2 to 9 depending on brand of shoe... and I often buy wide shoes).  For the cuff, I knit 50 rounds, then I inserted the scrap of yarn, and then I knit another 50 rounds for the foot before beginning the toe.  I could have made the cuff longer but I am happy with the one sock which is complete.  

The sock is super comfortable and thick.  I think it will make a great slipper sock for wearing around the house but I am not sure if I would wear these socks in shoes as they are so think. 

One sock down; one to go!
Do you like the color combination?
I am thinking Zebra Meets Lipstick Pink! 
Definitely "one of a kind" socks!
I found this FREE pattern for two-toed socks on the Cascade Yarns website. The pattern link can be found HERE. 


Wool Free and Lovin' Knit said...

So, would you use Cotton Fixation again? I have some but have yet to use it.

Kim said...

Yes, I will definitely use Cascade Fixation again. I am even happier with it after I washed my socks for the first time. I was worried, with the yarn being cotton, the socks would get too stretched out. I like tighter fitting socks. But when I washed them, and let them air dry, the shrunk back up in a good way and they are super comfy to wear! I love my new socks!