Sunday, April 18, 2010

GAA... Sneak Peek!

Okay, here it is... a little peek at what my Great American Afghan looks like all stitched together! It was a ton of work to get it stitched together. I started stitching it together Thursday afternoon (at my Thursday knitting group with the gals at Anne's knit shop) and by Friday night... I had all the squares together. Phew! What's left you ask???? I need to make the booties for my son's block. I need to weave in all the loose ends on the backside of the afghan... bad news, there are even more loose ends to weave in after stitching the blocks together! Argh!!!! I also need to knit the border. For the border, I am using the darkest purple yarn which you see in the very center of the afghan (flanking the Circling Squares block). I am using an eyelet border which I found on I found a really cute pattern for the baby booties on The pattern is called "Jelly Bean Baby Socks" and it calls for worsted weight yarn so I think it's a perfect match for my square. The "Jelly Bean Baby Socks" are a great, easy, and fun pattern. It will definitely be a pattern I want to make again in the future. In fact... I just learned the other day that a gal at work is expecting... time to knit baby things!

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