Thursday, April 8, 2010

Ear infections stink!

Poor Ginger has a wicked ear infection! Complained of painful ear pressure last night; thought it might be allergy related... sinus related... seems all that is connected some how. Awoke in the night to terrible pain and suffered until we got him to the doctor this afternoon. Doctor had to show me how bad it looked... first he showed me the good ear, "this is what a good ear should look like!" Then he showed me the bad one... boy, oh boy... that eardrum looked ANGRY. Doctor, who is ordinarily very conservative with medication, even prescribed a pain killer! Poor Ginger! Ear has drained some today and doctor said it will probably rupture. Poor ear!

Sweet Tabitha at the doctor's office caught us before we left the doctor's office... saying she had something for special patients and apparently we are special patients. (This doctor delivered Ginger 13 years ago). Tabitha makes these little pillows filled with rice. She instructed us to heat it in the microwave for about 30 seconds and Ginger can hold it to his sore ear. Fabric is a nice, soft flannel like you'd use for pajamas for a child. The pillow is about six inches by six inches. Very sweet. The staff at our doctor's office are great! Here's hoping Ginger feels better soon!

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