Sunday, March 28, 2010

My Favorite things about the NY-NY Hotel and Casino

We really enjoyed the restaurants and the ESPN Zone at the NY-NY Hotel in Las Vegas. There are family-friendly things to do in Las Vegas, but it takes some effort to find them and get to them. We picked this hotel because it included an ESPN Zone, which is something we enjoy in when we visit bigger cities such as Denver and Chicago. Here are hubby and son at the football game... the football version of a batting cage. You throw footballs at moving "targets" which are shaped like "receivers." They are plexiglass shapes (which resemble human forms) which move back and forth and you have to get the ball through the circular cut-outs to score points. We all played this game and enjoyed it. Zach scored a 111 which is great. I took these photos when he scored 111. Later in the day, he scored 113, but I did not have the camera then! Darn it! He was very proud!

These three photos show the food court area at the NY-NY Hotel. It is indoors but made to feel as if you are outdoors. There are even parking meters next to the tables. We especially enjoyed the Starbucks in the morning, Krispy Kreme donuts, Fulton's Fish Frye, the NY style pizza, and I had a great Reuben at Greenburgs Deli! Did I mention... we ate horribly while on vacation! I snapped these photos in the wee hours just before we left, but ordinarily this place was bustling... made for some fantastic people watching at night time.

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