Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Back to crafts

I've been a travel blogger lately, haven't I? I mentioned in a previous post that I did not knit on vacation. Instead I did some crocheting. My mom has been keeping me well stocked in yarn for dish/face/spa cloths (Thanks, Mom!), but I got inspired to make some mesh bags with the colorful cotton yarn. I intened to make a few bags to bring to the grocery store. I figure if I make a few of these, that will eliminate some of the plastic bags the grocery store has to give to me each and every week. Good for the environment! I don't do enough good for the environment, but small things add up. Just think, if I use three fewer plastic grocery sacks each week, that adds up to over 150 plastic bags a year. Very cool! So far I just have one grocery size mesh bag completed (peach colored Lily Brand "Sugar 'n Cream" cotton yarn).

So you can see the texture a bit better... I put a white napkin between the two layers. Same bag... color looks so different in each photo due to the camera's automatic flash.

I got a little creative on the next bag... but I do plan to make more grocery size bags. This one is smaller in size and would be great for bringing lunch to work. Also would be good for small knitting projects (such as socks) or maybe carrying suntan lotion, sunglasses, and a paperback book poolside at a great resort in the Caribbean.... oh, excuse me... I just got side tracked there
dreaming about going on vacation again... silly me! Maybe it was the bright orange, yellow, and white cotton yarn which got me thinking of sunny, tropical destinations?!

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