Friday, March 12, 2010

Great American Afghan last class today


We had our last Great American Afghan class today. I think all of the class participants are sad to see this all coming to an end; hard to believe our first class was nearly six months ago! It was fun to see everyone's completed squares at class today. One lady chose all Christmas colors for her afghan. Another gal used shades of rose, grey, pale green, peach, and others. Our course instructor used very bright colors including navy blue, bright red, bright yellow, teal green, white, and burgundy. The knit shop owner is making FIVE afghans if I am not mistaken. Today she showed us some of her completed squares; her colors have a nautical feel to me... navy blue, white, red, pale blue, and light brown. All are amazing color combinations... such creativity. Makes me wish I would have thought to bring my camera to class today! Darn it!

At class today, we spent some time discussing blocking techniques. Our course instructor, Marilyn, devised a clever way to knit two blocks together when they are different colors... brilliant! I'll post about that another day. We also discussed options for borders to knit or crochet around the perimeter of the entire afghan. If in the photo above, you can see my completed blocks. Looking at this photo, and considering I've completed two more blocks which are not in this photo, I think I just have one more block to go. Tonight I just finished a pale lavender block using a pattern from the Great American Aran Afghan. I really struggled with this block in the center portion (it is one of the blocks where you start at the outside and then worked your way to the center, working in the round the entire time). I discovered quite a flaw in the lace portion in the center... could not believe I did not notice it until I was stretching it on the blocking mat! ARRRGGGGH! Will post a photo of that tomorrow hopefully... hoping I can do some repair on the lace portion with some needle and yarn. Gosh, I sure hope so... wish me luck!

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