Saturday, March 27, 2010

Back from vacation

The morning sun was nice... I like the dried foliage in the foreground.

Just returned from a Spring Break family vacation. Spent time in Moab, Utah, and Las Vegas, Nevada... a little country life and a little city life. We decided we are more Moab people and not so much Las Vegas people. As Dorothy would say, "there's no place like home!" and we are SOOO happy to be home. They say, "What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas"... well, the bathroom scale doesn't agree! I tell ya, it's difficult to eat healthy when you are on a road trip like this. I started eating french fries in Grand Junction, Colorado en route to Moab (the grilled chicken sandwich I ordered was terrible... but, boy-oh-boy, the A&W rootbeer and fries and the fried shrimp my son couldn't finish sure were good! It was all down hill from there!). I ordinarily don't eat fried food, but I made up for that over the past several days! My body has let me know it doesn't appreciate the change in diet, so today (in addition to doing piles of laundry), I stocked the refrigerator with healthy eats and spent the better part of the day cooking up a storm. In case you are wondering, I did not knit the entire time I was on vacation; however, I did spend a bit of time crocheting! I will post more about that later. I have so much to share about our trip so each day, I plan to to post a bit about some of the highlights over the next several days. My photos from the trip came out great and I am excited to share them with you. The Arches National Park in Moab, Utah, is amazing and it turns out March is a great time to visit! Let me start with a few photos and I'll post more over the next several days! I tell you, it's hard to takea bad photo in Moab... it's so beautiful there!

A pool of water in a rock... shaped like a fish.

One of the two "Windows."

Two "Windows" side-by-side.

Sand Arch.

Park Avenue.

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