Saturday, March 20, 2010

Happy Anniversary block is complete!

Here is our Happy Anniversary block. Yep, we've been married for 19 years this month!

This week's knitting was pretty much consumed with learning and doing "duplicate stitch". It's used in the "Socks" block in the Great American Afghan, but I pretty much took the idea and ran with it. I've used this block to make two personalized blocks for my Great American Afghan. Like cross stitch and needle point, duplicate stitch is worrisome because you don't want the backside of the project to look cruddy. Some of my work looked good on the backside, but some really made me unhappy. Here was my solution:

Since the back side looked rather sloppy....

I made a small rectangle with matching yarn just large enough to cover the offending area...

Then stitched it down.

I can hear the ladies in my knitting group saying I am being way too fussy, but my fear is that when I launder this afghan, the duplicate stitching will unravel. I want this project to last for decades.

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