Sunday, March 28, 2010

M&M's World in Las Vegas

M&M's World is wildly popular!

Cute murals on the wall as you go up the escalator.

Mugs in all shapes and sizes and colors... depending on your favorite color.

T-shirts, pajamas, even leather jackets with M&M's characters and logos.

The wall of M&M's. You can pick plain, peanut, dark chocolate, almond... in whatever color or color combination pleases you.

I had to go to M&M's World twice when we were in Vegas. I know Disneyland is supposed to be "the happiest place on Earth" (that's what the sign says!), but one step inside of M&M's World makes me beg to differ! Four stories of everything related to M&M's... how can you go wrong? In all the store, would you like to see the treasured souvenir I selected? Here it is... I am enjoying using it every morning... I am partial to peanut M&M's and my FAVORITE color is yellow...


Anonymous said...

do you have a picture of the rest of the murals by th escalator I'd love to see it you can e-mail me on facebook
Lorraine Byrd

Kim said...

Lorraine: I went back to see if I had any other mural photos but unfortunately that is the only shot I got... Sorry!