Friday, March 12, 2010

Happy Anniversary block is nearly complete!

I am really tickled to share this block with you. I came up with the inspiration for this block by myself... look at me, I'm a "designer"! Ha! On the Great American Afghan, you'll see a block which reads, "SOCKS, SOCKS, SOCKS, SOCKS" on the border and a tiny pair of socks are stitched onto the block. That block was my starting point for the block above. My plan for my afghan is to make this block two times actually; one to represent me and my husband and the second to represent our son. For the one pictured above, I plan to use duplicate stitch to put in our names and the date we were married in the brown border. For my son's block, I plan to put his name and the date he was born. I was not pleased with the transition between the lavender and brown on this block so I decided to do some kind of I-cord border. I waffled between using the lavendar and the brown. I was making the I-cords and thought to see what they looked like twisted and I was really happy with the result, although I have to tell you... it was a TON of work to sew that I-cord down and keep the twists sort of symmetrical. Do you recognize the hearts in the center of this block? They are from a previous block from my GAA. Click below to refresh your memory if you are interested:

Just a note: The flowers above were from my hubby for our 19th anniversary earlier this week! They smell lovely especially when you first step into the house. Also, when I worked on this block, the colors in the block reminded me of... blueberries dipped in milk chocolate! :)