Saturday, March 20, 2010

25 blocks complete!

I actually took these photos on Thursday before I did so much work (duplicate stitching) on the Happy Anniversary block and Son's block. I am still working on layout which is turning out to be much more difficult than I expected. I have been working on this project since October 2009. I am actually kind of sad it's coming to an end. I would like to get a quilt rack (like folks might put at the end of a bed) and this is actually the corner of our great room where I'd like to display the afghan once it's all done. If you click to enlarge either of these photos, you might see the purples and greens in the wallpaper in the background.


Tracy said...

I blew up the pictures and could see all the marvelous detail. I would be very hard pressed to pick a favorite - they are all really, really beautiful. You are a master!

affectioknit said...

So very pretty!