Monday, November 2, 2009

Three Trees done

My three trees are done. Now I am madly working on the VERY plain background square for these trees. I am using a medium chocolate brown color for the background. I think applique is a very cool technique (this is my first project using applique), although I am not looking forward to stitching the trees on to the background! I find that with knitting, I am pretty pleased with my projects and how they've turned out, but as soon as I start to SEW, I end up ruining my nice knitting with terrible sewing. Practice, practice I suppose. These trees are sort of blocked to lay flat. When you make these trees, they curl up something awful. For this block, I learned about cable cast on... which I know will come in handy again in some future project. The Great American Afghan is great for learning new techniques. By the way, I think these trees would be cute sewn on to the back of a cardigan or maybe the front of a pullover. I can see how applique can be really versatile and a great addition to knitted projects.

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