Friday, November 6, 2009

#13 Three Trees is complete!

My square with the three trees is complete. I am now supposed to be working on Squares #3 and #6; however, I got disctracted by #14. I had intended to start #3 or #6 at knitting group on Thursday, but decided it was a bad idea to attempt that while socializing since they both contain oodles of cables. #14 is incredibly fun... it's actually quite addictive... I am having a difficult time putting it down. I'm sure I'll be able to post a photo very soon to show the progress. Heck, I might even have it done by the end of the day! Also, I was able to purchase (hopefully) all of the yarn I'll need for my GAA at the knit shop yesterday. I got all my yarn yesterday with a 25 percent discount... yipee! By the way, the trees are not yet stitched down to the background in the photo above... just in case you were wondering.

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