Friday, November 6, 2009


I was so excited about my progress on block #14. (By the way, I think I'll call this block "X's and Hearts"). I was just about to knit the final five rows of garter stitch to complete this block when it occurred to me I had missed a four rows of stockinette stitch at the very beginning of the block! Now I am not a perfectionist or anything, but leaving out this many rows and then deleting the same number of rows at the end of the block to make both top and bottom match simply won't do. The block would end up a rectangle instead of a square and would not match the other 23 blocks in the afghan. So I quickly snapped a photo of this block to show how GREAT it turned out before I rip it out and start all over. Thankfully this block was super easy and actually a blast to make. It's just frustrating to realize I spent some time at knitting group Thursday afternoon, the better part of Thursday evening at home, then more time Friday morning at home, then all my time at the cafe' Friday morning, and then more time at home after grocery shopping Friday afternoon ALL on this block, only to rip it out! To realize a mistake five rows before binding off... UGH! Oh well!

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