Thursday, November 26, 2009

#9 Diagonal Block in Progress

This block is sure different. It's knit like so many dishcloths from one corner to the opposite corner and on the diagonal. It starts with just one stitch and then grows to 69 stitches; I just started to decrease so now I am working my way backwards to just one stitch. This block has killer bobbles. I think each bobble is about 25 stitches! This block also incorporates a new technique for me - purl one in the row below. I was glad I was able to figure it out on my own. The purl one in the row below makes a really deep set looking ribbing. The brown bow in the corner marks the right side of the project, but now that the bobbles are so prominent, there's no doubt about which side is the right side and which side is the wrong side. This block is very fun. I worry about how difficult it will be to stitch this block to the other blocks since this block doesn't have a garter stitch border like most of the others.


Anonymous said...

Hi! So what happened to the "under the Sea" square? I'm left hanging!!!! And the rest of the story..... pic. please!!!! Kerri

Kim said...

The Under the Sea background is very boring. Plus I need to complete a ton of I-cord for the crab legs and the snail... and I am discovering (1) I am not very good at making I-cord and (2) I don't really enjoy making I-cord. I got distracted by block number 22. But just because you left a comment here, I'll get back to Under the Sea sometime really soon... I promise.... after I package up all those Christmas cookies, etc., etc. Ahhh, the stress of he holiday season! Thanks for keeping me on track, Sis!