Monday, November 9, 2009

#3 in Progress

Here is my progress on Square #3. I love this pretty purple yarn. Please excuse my hand and stocking covered left foot in the photo! It was kind of like playing TWISTER for me to take this photo! I think it's the cables in this block which make it want to scrunch toward the center; I am sure some blocking will solve the problem when the block is complete. My biggest fear with this block was that I would make a big mistake and have to rip back a few rows and then not be able to find my place due to the multiple yarn overs. Last night, I neglected to complete the two small cables before and after a bobble and I did not realized the mistake until about 2 1/2 rows later. I contemplated leaving the mistake but then I realized I would probably later regret it. I also wondered if I could fix the missing cable stitches like fixing dropped stitches. I thought about calling my course instructor for advice (she gave us her phone number for Knitting Emergencies but it was Sunday night and I did not want to bother her at home!). I bit the bullet and unknit the few rows and, am happy to report, I did not drop any stitches and I did not ruin the block. I fixed the missed cables and am back on track. I probably have one more pattern repeat to do and then will finish with a few rows of garter stitch as the pattern indicates. This pattern is listed as one of the easiest in the Great American Afghan. I struggled with the bobble at first but now it's a cinch. In this block, I have learned to be more comfortable with chart reading. Aside from that, it is a rather EASY block. I can't believe I pretty much have the pattern memorized which I never anticipated.

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