Saturday, October 31, 2009

#18 Spiraling Squares is complete!

Yipee! Another square done. This one will just have to straighten itself out a little bit more when it is attached to other squares! This square was a lot of fun to do; however, there were some tricky parts. The center where you start with only eight stitches divided among four double pointed needles was ridiculously clumbsy. I was wishing I had an octopus friend over to lend me a hand... or two... of three... or four. I started over on this square countless times. I also got a little tricked up on the final border rows. The pattern called for marking the four corners. I already had the end of each of the four rows marked and I neglected to move the markers (to mark the corners) because I really did not understand how or where I was supposed to mark the corners. That being said, each of the four sides might not have the exact same number of stitches (I think I was supposed to end up with 55 stitches on each of the four sides). I am settling for close enough.

When I first was looking at this square in the pattern book, I was thinking it might be nice to have an entire afghan made out of just this one square (maybe three blocks by four blocks). I would have to come up with a better way to start each square if I were to attempt this square over and over and over. The class instructor, Marilyn, said she was working with some other pupils on starting this square on two circular needles. Maybe that would be a bit less clumbsy?

Right now I am working on my second and third trees for the square with the three trees (square #13). I also need to finish the easy background for that square. I plan to finish that square before starting in on the next two squares (squares #3 and #6). I think I will make #6 in lavendar with pale green accents. I think #6 will be made with the dark brown color I have purchased.

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