Friday, October 16, 2009

A dish cloth frenzy

I am enjoying knitting my chestnut colored sweater (of course!) but I am at a rather boring place where I just knit around and around and around the sweater body... no increases, no decreases, no yarn overs and no purling! I should not complain since I really don't like the purl stitch as much as the knit stitch. That being said... I am taking a break every little while and have whipped up two cute cloths (face or dish cloths) this week. The cloth of the left is the Spa Cloth from the Fall 2009 edition of the Creative Knitting Magazine. The cloth on the right is another face cloth; the pattern is also from Creative Knitting Magazine (online... November 2009). This pattern is from a set of three items called Festive Bath Set. In person, the cloth of the left is a camel color and the cloth on the right is lavendar. Thanks for letting me raid your yarn stash, Mom! By the way, everything I am knitting this week is made with yarn from my Mom! These cloths are going to my good friend, Tracy, to say thank you for allowing me to borrow her mother's precious knitting needle collection while I work on my Great American Afghan. Thank you, Tracy!

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