Saturday, October 24, 2009

Square #20 'Lil Buds GAA has begun!

We had our first class for the Great American Afghan on Friday, October 23, 2009. The two hour class zipped by and I think all of us left there quite overwhelmed... even the instructor, Marilyn. One lady in the class even said she wasn't sure if she'd be able to find her way home since her head was just spinning with so much new information.

It seemed the first 1 1/2 hours of Friday's class went by so quickly and we were all still wanting just a little more practice making leaves on square #20, which was the first square we covered. We were supposed to cover the highlights of squares #3, 6, 13, 18, and 20, in this class. Eariler in the week, I had tried to start a number of the squares, only to find myself stuck! I was glad I tried to read through some of the patterns before the class began; that way I could ask questions about the parts that tripped me up.

Here are some photos of square #20. I can see already how I am going to learn so many new skills from this project. In this square, you dip down three rows to draw up a long loop to make the leaf portions of the flowers. This has to be done very loosely!

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