Thursday, October 29, 2009

Chestnut sweater

I am still pleased with this project, although I have to admit I am learning a lot from my mistakes with this sweater. Unfortunately, the instructions were not specific enough for me which left me to my own devices. I know just enough to be dangerous! The instructions called for decreases at both markers before and after the marker. The markers on on the right and left sides of the sweater. I decided to s1k1psso before the marker and k2tog after the marker. Instead of being invisible, it made my decreases more prominent or noticeable. When I switched to the ribbing along the bottom, it actually made a hole. I plan to tack the hole together with a short length of yarn and I am glad these flaws are on the sides of the sweaters. I suppose I could ripped the rows back, but (A) I don't think it looks TOO bad and (B) I am far to lazy for that! I have been in a hurry to work on my Spiraling Squares block for the GAA so I can have my size 9 dpn's back so I can start in on my sleeves just as soon as I finish the ribbing along the bottom of the sweater. I did try this sweater on in progress and was excited to find that it fits quite well! Love the knit-from-the-top-down sweater patterns!

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