Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Emergency Knitting Ornaments

Emergency Knitting Ornaments

I wish I could take credit for this super cute Christmas ornament idea but this is a project idea I saw on Ravelry.  The pattern instructions can be found here (Ravelry link HERE).  It's very simple.  I made some mini-skeins of yarn and tucked them into these glass ornaments.  On my computer, I printed out a sheet of paper with the words "IN CASE OF EMERGENCY BREAK GLASS".

These ornaments are on the Christmas at my great local yarn shop called "Yarned & Dangerous" located in Canon City.  The ornaments are all available for a minimum donation of $10.00, with all proceeds going to our local Human Society.  Yarned & Dangerous has a great Facebook page.  The shop owner, Ann, is always posting photos of projects completed by the shop's customers, as well as great patterns from all over the Internet. I encourage you to check out the Facebook page and follow along.  Even if you don't live in Colorado and might not ever set foot in the shop, I guarantee you fill find some creative inspiration on the Yarned & Dangerous Facebook page.  Here is a LINK for you if you are interested (click HERE for the Facebook page)

For the mini-skeins, I used left over sock/fingering weight yarn.  I used a hard plastic quilting rectangular shaped quilting ruler which measures 6 inches x 12 inches. I wrapped the yarn around the ruler (around the 12 inch length) about 15 times and then tied the yarn together.  I got a little more instruction on how to wind the mini-skeins from watching a YouTube video which you can find HERE.  One thing to keep in mind when making your mini-skeins is the narrowness of the ornament opening. I made some of my mini-skeins a little too large and really struggled to get them through the ornament opening.

Pretty cute, right?

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