Sunday, November 2, 2014


Photo by Brandon Hopper, Canon City Daily Record

Tennis season is done for the year. But it's not just the end of the season, it's the end of high school tennis for our Senior. 

Zach won first place in the Regional Finals in #2 Singles. The first place win was a bit anticlimactic for Zach; the other player had to retire from the match due to an injury. The first and second place winners at Regionals get to go to the State Finals the following week. 

Lucky for us, the Regional and State Tournaments are held in Pueblo, Colorado (less than an hour drive for us). 

Above:  Zach won his first match at the State Finals. Yay. This is one of the coaches (he's also my hudband's dentist). I love seeing Zach smiling... so happy!

Photo above also by Brandon Hopper, Canon City Daily Record. 

Our State Finals were plagued by rain this year. A 6 hour delay on day 1 and a 9 hour delay on day 2. I imagine the coaches had a hard time occupying all those boys. Zach's match on day 2 should have been at 9:00 am, but due to the weather, it started closer to 7:00 pm. 

Zach played a really great match. Probably his best match of the season. He did not win, but he came off the court looking so happy, knowing he played really well. I wrangled his reluctant camera shy coach and captured this great memory. 

Coach Heath, Zach, and Ciach Yadon

I am convinced I'll be a little weepy and a little bleary eyed this entire year. 

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