Saturday, November 8, 2014

Table Runner: Boo!

I sewed up a little table runner a few weekends ago. I gave it away before I took good photos but this gives you the idea.  I used a cute Halloween print (got it from my Mom... thanks, Mom!).  I pinned the print to some polyester batting and stitched about a half dozen horizontal lines so the runner was "quilted" a bit.  Then I put the quilted piece on top of the black and white polka dot fabric (wrong side up).  The black and white polka dot fabric is both the backing and the binding. I cut the polka dot fabric so that the rectangle was 1 1/2 inches bigger than the quilted piece on all sides.  I started with the long sides first. I folded the polka dot fabric in 3/4 of an inch and pressed it with the iron. Then I folded it in again 3/4 of an inch.  Voila!  Instant binding.  I stitched down the binding after pinning it along the length of the binding. Then I focused on the shorter sides and folded in the binding the same way and then stitched down the short sides just like the long sides. 
I wanted to keep this little cutie for myself but I did not think to measure my table space first.  This runner was too big for my dining table.  Placemats and runner did not fit. I gifted the runner to my local knit shop and it looks great on the big square table where folks gather to knit each day.

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