Saturday, November 29, 2014

Christmas Tree Skirt #2

I made a second Christmas tree skirt this week. This one came together a little easier. These are not difficult sewing; they are just a bit cumbersome due to their large size.  The tree skirts I am making are pre-printed panels from Daisy Kingdom.  I am just adding a backing.  I have learned I have to leave my craft room in search of a larger floor space in order to spread the skirt out on the floor and actually have sufficient room to crawl around the tree skirt in order to pin it to the backing.  The backing on this tree skirt is dark blue which matches the sky on the top of the tree skirt.

After Thanksgiving dinner, napping, and football watching, Zach and I decorated our Christmas tree Thursday night.  He asked me about the "thing to go under the tree".  I actually had a tree skirt that I threw away two years ago. Last year I had to use a pale blue flannel bed sheet to go under the tree since I never got around to making a tree skirt last year. This year, I told Zach to go look on my cutting table in my craft room and I said he could pick which of the two tree skirts he thought we should keep and put under our tree.

I was really happy he picked this one.  It looks great under our tree.

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