Sunday, September 3, 2017

Building in Color: Panel #7 Complete

Building in Color: Panel #7
Mosaic Knitting

I feel as if I have gotten really behind in my craft projects.  Sure, most craft projects don't have a deadline, but I am teaching a class where we are making the "Building in Color" afghan and I found myself teaching a new panel in August, and I still had not completed the panels we had started in June and July.  This week, I buckled down a bit and got the July panel done.  This panel is Mosaic Knitting. 

I am sure I've seen this technique in other knitting patterns and projects on Ravelry, but I've never tried to knit any of those patterns or projects.  If you ever see a pattern that calls for Mosaic Knitting, don't hesitate to try it. It's actually really easy and fun and the results you see above are created by just slipping stitches.  There are a few rules in Mosaic Knitting.  This project calls for two colors of yarn.  You work two rows in color A and two rows in color B.  You are not carrying both yarns across the row.  When you slip stitches, you always hold the yarn to the wrong side of the work so all of the slipped stitches are on the wrong side.  In Mosaic Knitting, the pattern usually does not spell out the wrong side rows because, on the wrong side rows, you are simply repeating what you did in the row below.  Not too difficult.  Mosaic Knitting creates a dense fabric.  I think I might look for a hat using Mosaic Knitting.  But before I get working on a Mosaic hat, I should probably finish up the panels we worked on in class in June and August.  I also have a lot of other UFO's/WIP's I have been working on.  More about them another time.

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