Friday, May 6, 2016

And Done

Ampersand Socks 

I hiked 9 1/2 miles over the past two days. My feet are tired. I put my feet up this afternoon and finished these socks. It does feel good to finish something.

The wavy design adds a little interest to the look of the socks and it is a little more interesting to knit, as compared to plain old Vanilla Socks. 

I changed the pattern to work these up two at a time from the toe up. I used a Fleegle Heel. The socks are not the best fitting pair I have made but I love these squishy warm socks to wear around the house.

The yarn is Bernat Sox Multi in the "camouflage" colorway. The yarn is from my Mom's stash. Thanks, Mom!!!!

Here is the pattern link on Ravelry:

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