Thursday, April 28, 2016

Nubby Cowl #2

Nubby Möbius Cowl

Here is a recent cowl I made. I actually have made two of these cowls, but haven't taken photos of #1 yet. I am sending this off in the mail today so I snapped some quick photos. Rainy/snowy today so the lighting and photos are not great. 

This is a möbius cowl which means it has  a twist in it. It's a very simple pattern, cast on an ODD number of stitches and join to knit in the round. Normally patterns say "be careful not to twist the stitches when joining in the round", but this pattern instructs you to twist the stitches on purpose to put the twist in the cowl. For this pattern, you just knit 1, purl 1, over and over, which creates seed stitch.  You just need an odd number of stitches for it to work. There is no need to mark the end/beginning of the round because there is no beginning or end in a möbius design.  For this cowl, I cast on 111 stitches on US Size 11 needles. 

This yarn is some hand dyed and hand spun yarn which was gifted to me. My mother-in-law found this beautiful yarn at a Farmers Market in Iowa. 

This last photo looks a bit yellow but I included it to show a close up of the texture. 

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